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About Us

About RAFT

We are young, but you can trace our lineage to the rich history of Indian Cinema. After being closely associated with the film industry for decades, Ramoji Group has been a witness to cinematic excellence in all aspects, whether it is in front or behind the cameras.

But history paves way to a better future. Keeping this in mind, Ramoji Academy of Film and Television (RAFT) has taken the responsibility upon itself to pass on the legacy of films and the nuances of its making to the upcoming bunch of film-makers, film students and enthusiasts.

The institute offers a multi-discipline Post Graduate Diploma programme in film making. The course exposes the students to the real world of cinema, direction and movie making. This programme has been applauded and accepted not only by students in India but also by International students.

About Ramoji Film City

We are a film-frenzied nation! From a street-side vendor to a bureaucrat serving the government, every individual has been stung by the bee called ‘Cinema’.

If the above lines are true, then Ramoji Film City is the bee-hive where creative minds unite to spill cinematic sweetness!

Certified as the largest film studio complex of the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, Ramoji Film City is a film-maker’s paradise where one can walk-in with a script and walk out with a full-fledged film. The manmade cities around the globe, architectural wonders of the world, the big shooting floors (BSF) and other thematic destinations act as a perfect pallet where a film-maker can colour his script into a film.

Around a dozen films from various parts of the country and abroad are shot here daily! From equipment like the lights, camera, vanity vans, etc. to services like transport, editing and sound designing, we offer everything that takes to make a film.

Objective of RAFT

The chief objective of RAFT is to foster film making talent where students from across the country are offered a platform to learn and master the craft of digital film making and showcase their work on a variety of national and international forums in the context of emerging technologies. We facilitate and promote our Students work at various platforms and it is showcased on forums such as film festivals of national and international significance, film society events, special occasions of educational institutions and other social and cultural bodies besides the film industry.

In realizing this objective, RAFT actively engages students in various activities whereby they learn to:

Objective of RAFT

Cinematography Workshop with Mr. Soumendu Ray

img The New Year at RAFT started with a cinematography workshop by legendary cinematographer Soumendu Ray (January 16-21, 2012). The workshop, supported by Kodak, was aimed at providing major inputs on lighting and other aspects of cinematography.

In a career spanning 50 years of independent cinematographic accomplishments, Mr. Soumendu Ray has worked with filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray, Tarun Majumdar, Tapan Sinha and M S Sathyu among others. Starting his career with the documentary Rabindranath Tagore in 1961, he has enjoyed a remarkable career and is particularly loved by his students for his ability to share cinematographic intricacies with them. Into his 80th year, Soumendu Ray conducted the workshop with great ease and astuteness, like a true master.

RAFT Hosts Robert McKee’s Story Seminar

imgIn February 2012, RAFT was host to a major international event as the Academy organized Robert McKee’s Story Seminar in India for the very first time. Organizing international-level events of relevance to film students and professionals is a part of RAFT’s mandate. Recognizing the Indian film industry’s keen interest in international scriptwriting techniques, the Academy took the initiative of bringing the world’s most renowned expert and the most influential seminar on the subject to India. The seminar attracted hundreds of delegates from all over India and the world and made for a vibrant, intense, and insightful event. Though RAFT is a young institution, the India Story Seminar demonstrates the ambitiousness of its vision, an ambition made possible by the support of its parent Ramoji Group of Companies.

All students of RAFT were volunteers in the organizing of the seminar and attended the seminar in that capacity. Apart from attending the seminar, the students had an opportunity to interact with Robert McKee exclusively. Mr. McKee’s comments were motivational and included pointers about scriptwriting and the writing life.

Cinematography Workshop with Mr Adinath Das

imgNoted Cinematographer Adinath Das conducted a Cinematography Workshop at Raft from 7th March to 14th March. The Fuji company supported the workshop where students were trained in daylight-outdoor lighting. There was no artificial lighting used at any point and the angles of the sun were matched throughout the day. It was an exercise aimed at understanding the whole spectrum of the latitude and there was thorough lab work involving print and telecine.

Digital Workflow in Film Making

imgOn its premises, RAFT conducted a 3-day workshop from March 21 to 24, 2012, about the various stages involved in Digital Filmmaking. This workshop was aimed at students of all streams. The chief objectives were that the students should a) become familiar with various stages b) learn various formats available in digital filmmaking c) do hands on work d) get acquainted with the terminology and e) understand the ways in which sound, editing and camerawork get integrated into various workflows.

Before the workshop started, students were encouraged to read up on Digital Filmmaking and be familiar with ideas, formats and terms (such as Compression, Codecs, etc.) circulated in the industry.

The workshop, conducted by Mr.Arun and Mr.Nitish conducted the workshop with both Theoretical & Practical Sessions. For example, there was a bird’s eye-view of sound recording, camera data formats, transcoding, editing, finishing etc. provided to the students on the first day. They became familiar with digital cameras and their data while learning a good deal about processing RAW footage for editing and archival. They also went into a comparison of Red, 5D and GoPro cameras. Footage shot on them was analyzed and explained.

Campus Overview

Ramoji Film City’s world class film lab ‘Rainbow’ is fully automated and processes both black and white as well as colour films. Technicians here have impressive industry experience and great expertise attracting some of the most discerning filmmakers.

‘Mantra’ is a world class digital film post-production unit. The digital services here meet world standards.

'Symphony' is one of the most advanced digital audio post-production unit offering finest acoustic services

Ramoji Knowledge Center (RKC) - is RAFT's impressive library has the great collection of film-making fundamentals & case studies at the campus.