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C G Sriguha

C G Sriguha is a highly experienced film editor and editing teacher. Films edited by him including features, documentaries, and shorts, have been screened at major film festivals around the world.

Within India, he was one of the earliest editors to embrace computer-based editing and was instrumental in setting up non-linear studios and training programs across the country.

Some of Sriguha’s best known work includes:

Gangaputrulu (2010): winner of three Nandi Awards.

Sontha Vooru (2009): won five Bharathamuni awards and four Nandi awards. Screened at Mumbai Film Festival, Kerala International Film Festival, Chennai International Festival, Bangalore Festival, Pune International Festival, and the Habitat Film Festival in New Delhi.

Hero (2005): won the Nandi award – best feature film for children.

The Holy Bastard (2003): screened at Cannes Video festival in 2003.

Yellamma (2001): selected for the National Film Festival 2001-2002.

Surabhi… (The stage) (1999): won best documentary at both the National Film Festival and at the Nandi awards. This film represented India at major international film festivals including Toronto, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, and Paris.

A Brief Journey (1996): screened at Bombay International Film Festival, International Cinema Students’ Festival (Tel-Aviv), 19th Recontres Internationales Henri Langlois, France, and International Film Festival of India.

Sriguha has an experience of almost 14 years as an academician and has taught subjects related to editing and film making at FTII, Pune, Rai University, Manipal Group, SAE Colleges & AISFM.

He is a Post Graduate Degree holder in Mass Communication from Hyderabad University, a Post Graduate Diploma holder with specialization in Advertising & Public Relations and has studied Film Editing at FTII, Pune.

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