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Campus Overview

By virtue of being situated on the sprawling premises of Ramoji Film City, RAFT enjoys great views of nature, well-groomed parks, lawns and an enviable access to some of the best production and post-production services in the country.

RFC’s world class film lab ‘Rainbow’ is fully automated and processes both B&W and Colour films. Technicians here have impressive industry experience and great expertise attracting some of the most discerning filmmakers.

‘Mantra’ on the other hand is a world-class digital film post-production unit. The digital services here meet world standards. Similarly, ‘Symphony’ is one of the most advanced digital audio post-production facilities offering finest acoustic services.

These are only a few of the many facilities available at RFC that the film industry utilises ever so often.

While this vibrant atmosphere alone contributes a great deal to the learning process of students at RAFT, there are other more directly related services that students are encouraged to access while studying at the Academy. They include the impressive library facilities available on campus such as the Ramoji Knowledge Centre (RKC).

Film shootings at RFC offer great scope to learn about latest technology, film aesthetics and various issues related to the industry.

Apart from that, RAFT students reside in hostel facilities on campus. By staying close to campus, students access not only their classes easily but also a lot of other activities without having to make special trips to film studios and technical centres.