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Kiran Ganti

Editing for Film and Television

Kiran teaches Editing at RAFT. He believes that editing creates magic. It is at the editing table that an editor re-writes the film, he says. As a graduate of FTII in Editing, Kiran has the distinction of having worked with and being guided by Walter Murch, the Oscar winning editor and sound designer of films such as The Godfather. Kiran’s thesis ‘Transitions in Cinema: A Historical Perspective’ was an outcome of this association which he cherishes with great pride and joy. This was published in the prestigious quarterly magazine Cinema Editor brought out by the American Cinema Editors. Kiran has worked on features films, ad films, documentaries and reality shows in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. One of his most memorable experiences is his work as assistant director on renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s Hindi film Yuva (2004). Kiran also worked on the Hindi film Khosla ka Ghosla. To read more about his professional work visit: http://www.filmsound.org/murch/interview-with-walter-murch.htm

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