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Digital Film Making Residential Program

Diploma in Digital Film Making is a multidisciplinary comprehensive course with custom-designed curriculum that takes a student through the essential basic fundamentals and concepts to the latest technological products and workflows involved in Digital Film Making. It is a unique educational program with a holistic approach offered in the largest Film and Television facility. The experienced faculty are sourced from different specializations with vast professional expertise & teaching experience. It makes an ideal course for all those enthusiastic and aspiring students to learn the art & craft of Digital Film Making to pursue their career as creative professionals.

The broad objective of this one year course is to give the students a deeper knowledge of digital visual media, lighting, on-spot-audio (location audio), and digital post production. Assignments, lectures, practical projects will form a major part of the course. Students will develop practical skills in all areas of digital filmmaking while demonstrating their understanding of individual subject theory.

The course involves:

At the end of this course, Students would be able to:

Syllabus for one year Digital Film Making Course

Students will study various films (World Cinemas) and try to understand and analyze the essence of filmmaking. Films from Director’s like Satyajit Ray, Vittorio De Sica, Akira Kurosawa and other masters will be shown and discussed.


Digital Video Cinematography

This class focuses on advanced digital video cinematography techniques for both studio and field. Students will operate HD video cameras, use lights, determine set and lighting needs, Role and need of a jib, block scenes and become familiar with topics including filmspace, continuity, lenses, color, filters and camera controle.

Introduction to Digital Video Cinematography

Digital Video Editing

This class focuses on advanced digital video editing techniques where student where students learn the basic and advanced level of Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X. The Following chapters will be covered in detail: