Focus: Lead the next generation of actors!


Situated in Ramoji Film City, the world's largest studio complex, RAFT is surrounded with the activities of filmmaking and television production. RAFT's sprawling and elegant campus provides an ideal environment for learning and creativity.

Why study acting at RAFT?’

There has never been as much demand for actors as it exists now. From YouTube to Netflix to global cinema, stories today have wider reach and range than ever before. The RAFT Acting course gives you the knowledge and skills to seize the moment and launch your career in acting. It is an opportunity to be part of stories that are powerful, unique, and have the potential to be viewed the world over.

The One-Year Program in Acting designed carefully to develop students’ vocal, physical, and emotional range provides in-depth training. The course will focus on developing skills specifically for screen even as it devotes time to understanding various other acting methodologies.

The course is intensive in pace and pushes students to explore their emotional and cultural maturity. It provides ample opportunities for students to discover their creative selves. Emphasis is placed on reflective practice, which encourages critical awareness of how performance is realized onscreen.

Career Opportunities

This course is designed for students with a passion for acting and a commitment to a career in the screen industries. We’re eager to work with imaginative and collaborative students from diverse backgrounds and develop them into Indian actors with global appeal. A graduate will be ready for entry-level jobs in film, television, and web industries.

Potential careers include:

  • Entry-level roles in production and post-production companies
  • In-house video content actors
  • Roles in commercial cinema, TV, and web series
  • YouTube acting



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