Focus: Controlling the quality of visual storytelling and sensibility onscreen, the cinematographer is in great demand in all visual media, especially with rapidly evolving technology in filmmaking.


RAFT was founded with the aim of developing well-trained technicians for the film and television industries. Located in the world's largest studio complex, Ramoji Film City, it provides access to world-class sets, locales, and industry-grade equipment. RAFT is, therefore, ideally placed to give its students a headstart. Its cinematography programs, taught by experienced faculty drawn from the industry, are an ideal starting point for careers in the film and television industries.

Why study cinematography at RAFT?

Given RAFT’s industry-experienced faculty, locations (Ramoji Film City floors and locales), and equipment, it is the ideal place to learn cinematography. Cinematography courses at RAFT emphasize training in industry-oriented practical skills alongside theory and aesthetics. A cinematographer is a chief technician on the set. The two-year program teaches students how to lead and collaborate creatively in dynamic and demanding environments.

Career Opportunities

A career in cinematography is as rewarding as it is demanding. The cinematographer’s skill and know-how directly determine the final film-viewing experience of the audience. The industry is constantly on the look-out for highly-trained and capable entrants. With screen media expanding to include platforms like Netflix and YouTube, films with a very wide range of budgets and scale have become possible. As a result, skilled technicians who can adapt to the budget and equipment while consistently delivering high-quality results are much in demand.



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