Focus: Learn to make your own films with digital technology.

Digital Filmmaking

Nestled in the Ramoji Film City, the world's largest studio complex, RAFT is surrounded with the activities of filmmaking, television production, and news media. RAFT's sprawling and elegant campus provides a conducive environment for learning and creativity. It is the ideal environment to learn filmmaking and the use of filmmaking techniques across platforms.

Why study digital filmmaking at RAFT?

The DFM program at RAFT is a multidisciplinary course that enables students to be self-reliant as filmmakers. Students gain skills in all filmmaking disciplines and are able to operate independently (on a small scale) or collaborate dynamically with other departments in larger projects. Apart from teaching fundamental concepts and aesthetics, the course imparts practical skills. RAFT exposes students to the latest in equipment and software being used in the contemporary industry

Taught by experienced faculty from several disciplines, the course helps develop students into competent creative professionals who can collaborate and contribute in multiple departments of filmmaking. The broad objective of this one-year course is to give the students a deeper understanding of digital visual media, lighting, on-spot-audio (location audio), and digital post production

Career Opportunities

A diploma in Digital Filmmaking allows students to become independent professionals working in film or television. Alternatively, they can join filmmakers or media organizations utilizing their grasp of all disciplines of filmmaking. Graduates of DFM may also choose to specialize in a particular discipline (either by working in that field or studying further). The skills taught and the projects worked on during the course ensure that students leave the program with a high level of competence in filmmaking. They would find opportunities in everything from mainstream film and television projects to independent YouTube and live-streaming platforms.



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