Focus: Learn to engage audiences in moving and meaningful narratives across media platforms.


It is RAFT's mandate to provide capable and mature filmmakers to the industry. Apart from teaching the directing skillset and providing industry exposure to students, the Academy also emphasizes the development of a filmmaker's sensibility and voice. RAFT is located in Ramoji Film City, the world's largest studio complex. It is an environment bustling with the activities of filmmaking and print and electronic news media. It is an ideal place for a young filmmaker to develop his or her craft and worldview.

Why study directing at RAFT?

The course ingrains the essential directing skillset and starts students off on their career paths. Highly-trained and industry-experienced mentors orient students to thrive in professional environments and help students develop their own aesthetic. Student projects and collaborations with in-house Ramoji Group film and television arms ensure that students have ample opportunity not only to observe and interact with the industry but to participate in industry projects.

Career Opportunities

There’s an explosion in demand for onscreen content. Even as conventional media like cinema and TV continue to thrive, new formats like Netflix and YouTube are fundamentally altering the way media is consumed. The demand for compelling and meaningful onscreen narratives has never been higher. The director is at the centerstage of this process and career opportunities in this discipline are numerous. For directors well-grounded in the fundamentals and techniques of filmmaking, opportunities across media platforms are limitless.



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