Focus: The editor shapes stories into the moving, aesthetic experiences finally projected onscreen.


Nestled in the Ramoji Film City, the world's largest studio complex, RAFT is surrounded by the activities of filmmaking and television production -- it is an ideal place for a young editor to be trained. RAFT endeavors to provide students the best equipment and editing software to work on. Its industry-experienced faculty prepare students to enter the industry fully-prepared to make a contribution right away. RAFT's sprawling and elegant campus provides an ideal environment for learning and creativity.

Why study editing at RAFT?

RAFT’s outstanding faculty and facilities make it the ideal place to learn the theory and craft of editing. With world-class course design and emphasis on hands-on application of editing techniques, RAFT’s editing courses prepare students to enter the industry as working professionals. Students work on multiple exercises and projects that help them hone their skills. As editing is a discipline constantly impacted by technological advancements, RAFT courses use the latest techniques, equipment, and software to ensure that students are at the cutting edge.

In addition, students are exposed to and involved in actual film and television industry projects of the Ramoji group. Workshops and masterclasses by industry professionals round off the experience and provide networking opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Due to technological advancements, content is available to audiences on more platforms today than ever before. The demand for good content has increased exponentially. Consequently, the editor, whose role involves harnessing the power of audiovisual media to shape compelling narratives, is much in demand. From the simplest video to the big screen spectacle, the editor determines the quality of audience experience. Trained editors find employment in film, television, and web content companies. They are also much sought after in ad and PR agencies.



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