The 12-week intensive program on screenwriting is designed for students who have ideas they want to develop into full-fledged story outlines that can be pitched to the industry. This would be of interest to students, professionals in other fields with a high degree of interest in cinema, and working film and TV professionals. The course provides students the skills, supervision, and focused time to develop their ideas into a visualized and structured step-outline that can then be pitched in the film and television industries.

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At the end of the program students would have completed the step-outline for a feature-length script and received training in pitching it.


The course brings together three broad components:

Intensive theoretical inputs (which help enrich idea and script quality); Student idea development; Pitching - Teaching students to visualize and communicate their ideas effectively

Proposed Course Content:

  1. Fundamentals of storytelling/screenwriting
  2. Pitching (workshop with industry professionals)
  3. Idea development: Subject, Premise, Conflict, Theme
  4. Protagonist and Antagonist
  5. Character development, elements of character, character arcs
  6. Genre
  7. Three Act Structure
  8. Pinches and other beats
  9. Story Set Ups
  10. Inciting Incident
  11. Act Design
  12. Mythological Hero (Overview)
  13. Exposition
  14. Screenplay formatting
  15. Elements of the scene
  16. Dialogue
  17. Sequences
  18. Step-Outline Development
  19. Advanced Pitching with industry professionals


Content is the most sought-after commodity in the film and television industries at present. A student who completes this course will have a solid grounding in skills needed to write for the screen and will have the ability to develop fully-structured story ideas.

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