Focus: The storyteller is at the heart of this massive expansion in content across platforms


Situated in Ramoji Film City, the world's largest studio complex, RAFT is surrounded with the activities of filmmaking, television production, and news media. It is a space that is removed enough from the everyday to allow for creative thinking. But it is also a space dynamically engaged with the real world through its filmmaking and news arms. Screenwriting students, who will be treated and trained as working writers, are ideally located to develop their creative voices and developing their worldview.

Why study screenwriting at RAFT?

The 1-Year Program in Screenwriting is a highly-focused and demanding program designed to create industry-ready screenwriters. Students are regarded as working writers and challenging writing targets (both quantitative and qualitative) must be met in order to complete the course. The course is built on the twin beliefs that: 1) screenwriters develop only through writing extensively; 2) and aspiring screenwriters mature only by presenting their ideas directly to the film industry.

Experienced faculty, who are themselves professional writers, teach screenwriting theory, guide projects, and lead group writing projects. Upon completion of the program, students will have at least one individual bound feature film script, several story outlines, and other projects/credits to their name.

Career Opportunities

The explosive growth in media across platforms is powered primarily by screenwriters. The demand for quality content, and therefore for screenwriters, has never been higher. World over, showrunners of TV and web series are typically writers. Options for trained screenwriters range from being independent writers to joining writing teams for film, television, and the web, to becoming showrunners. New media like YouTube and Netflix are creating opportunities every day, but they also demand a high level of skill. With grounding in the fundamentals of screenwriting, a writer can adapt and be an effective storyteller in any medium. RAFT lays the groundwork for this through theoretical and practical orientation.



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